American mixed martial arts fighter who made his MMA debut at UFC 8 in 1996, winning the tournament. He also went to the finals of UFC 10, losing in a classic war to Mark Coleman. He also won the Ultimate Ultimate tournament in 1996.

After doing pro-wrestling in Japan for several years in addition to coaching, Frye returned to MMA in 2001 for the PRIDE organization, defeating the likes of Ken Shamrock, Gilbert Yvel, and Yoshihiro Takayama in a fight that is often labeled the greatest slugfest in PRIDE history. His later career was marked by ups and downs, including a string of defeats circa 2003. After losing to Ikuhisa Minowa and Dave Herman in 2009, Frye has retired from Mixed Martial Arts. Fans remember Frye as one of MMA's toughest and grittiest competitors, who often showed amazing heart and determination to win.

He also acts professionally and often has bit parts in major movies, like Public Enemies and Miami Vice.

He is known for his great sense of humor, gruff voice, and Tom Selleck-like mustache.
Person 1: Don Frye vs. Takayama was the craziest fight I've ever seen.

Person 2: Fuggin' right
by TerryConklin April 15, 2010
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A culturally aware loudmouthed American badass who despite not being especially nerdy has an appreciation for nerd culture and is welcomed into their social circles.
That old timer in Godzilla Final Wars is a Don Frye American.
by VanDammeAmerican July 3, 2023
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