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When you lick both sides of your hand and jiggle it rapidly in a woman's vaginal area.
"I was skeptical about the Floppy Fish, but I tried it, and it felt sooo good!"
by Jato Unleashed October 21, 2009
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When you jizz in a girl's mouth, dunk your balls in and drag them across her face.
"Dude! I totally pulled off a Nutty Bob on this drunk girl I met at church!".
by Jato Unleashed September 20, 2009
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Buh-k-easy (n): 1) A term to describe a close friend, or family member.

2) Another term for "Bro, Dude or Man"

3) Used to show someone you trust them not to laugh when you call them this rediculous word.

(Pronounced like Bikini)
"Yo, wazzup Bakeezee"?
by Jato Unleashed October 05, 2009
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-Kled-hog- (n) - A name you call someone who is a complete moron, or someone who is very clumsy.
Guy 1: "This idiot tripped on air and spilled his coffee all over my new shirt!"

Guy 2: "Wow, what a Kledhog..."
by Jato Unleashed November 23, 2009
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An STD that you get in your ass.
How did I get an AssTD?!? I didnt have any sex!...that I can remember...
by Jato Unleashed September 24, 2009
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A new STD that can be caught by simply looking at the feet of an infected person. This strand is five times deadlier than all the STDs combine.
He's got Scruples? Good god, run away kids!
by Jato Unleashed October 05, 2009
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