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To excessively masturbate
He locked the door to farrel
by Jarvis May 06, 2004
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The birthday of a God. The most important day of the year. Should be a national holiday.
Hawt Dawg, It's 427! Lets Party up, w00t w00t!
by Jarvis June 18, 2004
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the sluttiest of all creatures would be a skankasaurous-rex. They have sex all the time and are loose in the vagina or anus.
"God! candice is such a skankasaurous-rex." says jarvis
"well daniella is a skankasaurous-rex too then." replies clesi
by Jarvis February 06, 2004
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1. Marketable 2. To request attention. 3. Something that is really expensive; and thus, people tend to believe that it is superior.
Single guy says to single friend (both wanting to get laid) "Your money, how can they say no."
by Jarvis January 18, 2004
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a weird sound when you cum in a girls ass
Oocha! Oocha!
by Jarvis February 05, 2004
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A computer opponent often played against in the computer version of Monopoly. This character is highly annoying and is usually the most fun to bankrupt.
Dang you Jimry! Just let go of the waterworks you fool!
by Jarvis March 06, 2004
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when to go for fisting the ass open your hand in the anus to resemble a dragon claw and twist or spin your hand around in the anus then drag out the shit.
I love doing the dragon-claw to daniella.
by Jarvis February 05, 2004
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