also spensy, xpensy or xpensi. Derive from eXPENSIve and means the same thing.
- Oh man, that drink was spensy! But then again, that underaged boy sure could use it.
by Japfreak February 13, 2005
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A nickname for Spencer.
Also the nickname for an adorable, and all-together amazing woman.
Me: Oh my god, Spency, you're so damn adorable!
Spency: Shut up, I will stab you! I'm not cute!
by KaminaBro22 March 16, 2016
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a guy you want to be your best friend. at first you hate him but you soon warm up to his amazing ways. he's a little sped but ya love him anyway. the kinda guy you become friends with because you fucked his best friend. and also, squued.
"i became friends with spencie because i fucked his best friend"

" we gave spencie a sex talk last night"
by squued176 July 23, 2018
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