9 definitions by James Fallon

Cooler than "See ta later", a smooth way to announce the intent to revisit with someone in the future without actually making any solid or tentative plans to do so.
Mitch "So I guess we'll have to finish this sometime within the next couple of weeks? We'll have to look at our schedules."
Hanna " Sounds good, See ya then!"
by James Fallon September 1, 2019
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1. Kitten play.
2. Jumping and running at eachother in a martial arts/tag kind of frolicking.
3. Karate Cat
Watch your step, those kittens are Skitten all over
by James Fallon February 19, 2021
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Drunk for Ohio. Sloppy mispronounced Bar Slang referring to the state of Ohio or things related with.
Did you ven, in, you even, you know you're in? This' Oiho Man! Man, we're Oiho!
by James Fallon May 16, 2018
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Non intellectual.

People who form strong political opinions from propaganda or gossip.
The Gulliblicans in the break room were saying that the president fixed the economy? Hahaha!!!!
by James Fallon September 7, 2020
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1. The Zombie like people who refuse social distancing in public areas.
2. Self important Assholes that encourage others into Antisocial Nearing.
3. Any scumbag that purposely touches or licks something to frighten someone during a pandemic.
I went in to get some jelly but those Approachers were everywhere, I'll go back later!
by James Fallon May 4, 2020
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A Sexual act combination where a woman's face is repeatedly smacked on the checks and forehead while her male partner is in the midst of ejaculation.
In all of the excitement of actually giving her the Chinese Penis Torture, he covered her in aChinese Facial!
by James Fallon July 15, 2020
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An American man of English or british descent whom portrays themselves in an overly "white" manner.
Letterman and Whitmere are a couple of Biscuit Boys
by James Fallon February 16, 2014
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