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A cute nickname for a nympho. IE : SEX KITTEN / Skitten
Sit on my lap, skitten - We gotta get somethin' straight between us :P
by GeorgeGilbert April 24, 2011
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Half Skunk half Kitten, also it's a unknown STD that is going rampent on my ship.
Oh my God, i got skittens from the new girl.
by skittenbreath March 06, 2009
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A part kitty, part skittle, cat-like creature that makes for a zomg-awesome pet, and a tastey snack.
They come in 6 different, funtastic colours and flavours!
Jeff: I iz hungry.
skitten: leMIEWWWW.
Jeff: *eats skitten*
skitten: *dead*
by Bea Afraid April 30, 2008
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