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A pair of wicked rappers from Virginia, who go by the names Malice and Pusha T. (who is also called Terrar)

They do a lot of joints with N*E*R*D, particularly with that guy Pharrell.
Fast to predict the outcome of my fate,
wonderin' 'bout Clipse and if they got what it take

- Malice
by Zenhachirou May 5, 2003
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the tightest group there is out there. these niggas got skills. work with Baby AKA #1 Stunna and Pherrell
Damn Clipse is a good ass group.
by Gangsta June 25, 2003
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When there is an extremely hot girl, and you are having a conversation with her but a tougher guy comes and then she pays less attention to you. Like how the earth cock blocks the moon in an eclipse.
Nerd: hey
Girl: hey how are you
Jock: HEY.
Girl: Hey
Nerd: I'm in a SEXY-CLIPSE
by Black Belt June 9, 2011
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adj- to get something for cheap or way under price named for the Clipse mixtape series I Got It For Cheap!
DudeA: Damn them Dub zeros is cruical who much were they, $140?
DudeB: Naw man I got that shit on clipse! My friend mike boosted a bunch of them from Champs an they only $65 from him.
DudeA:$65 What that dude's number!!
DudeB:Can't tell you man.
DudeA:Thats find im With the BBB Better Buisness Burea and your ass is grass.
by Kristopher Washington March 25, 2007
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Something that is eclipsed or darkened.
Wow that dog is so clipse, I almost stepped on it because it looked like a shadow.
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