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A season in which zodiac signs have their adrenaline rush and their sex drive run through the roof,usually when it's their month of Zodiac
John:Hey man what are you doing?
Kate:John it's Aquarius Season
John:What's that?
Kate:Its apart of the Zodiac Mating Season
Kate:Yeah,I should be feeling the effects when January 12th comes
Kate:See you around,Sweetness~
John:Man,people sure are strange
by Jaiden Gary October 24, 2019

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Whenever fall rolls around and you see the sun go down earlier than sumner
"Man I sure do love fall,the October sun always goes down so early"
by Jaiden Gary October 21, 2019

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A person in which joins a zoom meeting and intentionally acts out to get attention,usually a student having a boring time in class (which I don't blame,I mean your in the house with a virtual class so it would be nice to have some humor)
Teacher from Zoom meeting:Who is Mike Oxlong?
Mike Oxlong:Me you stupid birch
Teacher:Okay,I know you're not in my class so leave now

Me who is muted and laughing really hard:Zoom trolling is fun
by Jaiden Gary August 19, 2020

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1.Tyler,The Creator's critically divisive album released in 2015

2.A small penis but has a huge cumshoot,referring too the fact that Cherry Bombs are small but have a huge explosion once you light them
1.Man,Tyler,The Creator's CHERRY BOMB doesn't get enough praises as it should

2.I gotta go light my cherry bomb even though it's small or still has a huge cum explosion
by Jaiden Gary June 09, 2020

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One's second birthday,usually after a person's actual birthday. It can be changed at least three times,any more than that your just milking it into getting free gifts.
John:Hey Karen,when's your Shnarfday?

Karen:What's a Shnarfday?

John:It's basically your second birthday

Karen:In that case,January 17th. With my actual birthday being November 12th. Making me a Scorpio-Capricorn hybrid.

John:Well mine is February 6th. With my actual birthday being August 31st. Making me a Virgo-Aquarius hybrid.

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