when you kill a person in a video game during ejaculation.
I'm about to cumshoot the enemy's medic.
by Pineapple Snake May 30, 2020
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a person who can force out his semen strongly.
The girl likes to sleep with cumshooters only.
by uttam maharjan July 16, 2010
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a dick who shoots out cum
"yo you got a huge cumshooter my man"
"yeah this glock bout to impregnate thousands of girls"
by geoom January 28, 2022
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the male jizzes up a females or males nose and then they snot rocket it out and licks it up.
Ohh god zach just did a wasabi cumshooter to james.
by Fat Boy 513 July 14, 2010
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A Red dragon is flying around in space and suddenly get a 50 inches boner.
The dragon then sees a starship. He uses his penis as a gun and begins shooting sperm on the startship until it crashes.
The crew of the space ship sees something out in the horisont. It comes closer and one of the crewmates shouts: OH NO A CUMSHOOTING SPACEDRAGON
by The Space Dragons child March 22, 2021
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