A girl's friends, the ones she asks for advice when you ask her out. They pass judgment on you.
Bill: Yeah, I asked her out Friday but she still hasn't responded. I guess that's a no.

Tom: Nah dawg, don't give out hope yet, she's just waiting for the tribunal to pass their judgment.
by fridge99 February 6, 2010
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Trubunalism refers to the way legal cases are used by elites in a society to 'make an example' of something they think is wrong by prosecuting someone who is an easy target.
A chav faced four years in prison for trolling on Facebook against a rich businessman. This is such tribunalism - the judge should be ashamed of themselves.
by Netal Beattie December 24, 2011
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The Tribunal, started by CnCFAN1 on the holy day of February 11th 2004, is a group of 5 of the most powerful leaders in his school. Although their power was short lived, and now only 2 of the original members remain, the Tribunal have spawned countless copycat groups, a HL2 deathmatch clan, and a novel based on their adventures. Long live the Tribunal, may they live in infamy!
February 11th 2004, Long Live The Tribunal, May They Live In Infamy!
by CnCFAN1 March 16, 2005
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The Tribunal is an ever aspiring HL2 deathmatch clan who has dominated every opponent in its wake. ImBobbo, yoyo444860, and CnCFAN1 are responsible for this wave of destruction that has taken over the internet
FUCK!, the Tribunal just Pwned us... again
by CnCFAN1 March 16, 2005
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The place where the rankings of bands are decided headed up by The Rock Oracle.
I wonder how it was decided Metallica are A leaguers, oh ya the Rock tribunal got it Wight.
by The Rock Oracle July 15, 2023
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a place where they dont awnser calls or really care about there bussniess so when you call them want to get a job tell you call you back in two hours. Never return peopls calls sometimes they just hang up on you.
the chicago tribune ignore my calls
by BobTheGuy22 December 22, 2018
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