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america fuck yeah (what else)
taem america world police theme song, America fuck yeah
by Jack Mehoff November 09, 2004
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The Father of Rap
Bow down to Dre
by Jack mehoff February 28, 2004
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one who guzzles cum
one who eats the man juice
one who swallows sperm
That cum-guzzler swallowed my cum like water.
by Jack Mehoff March 05, 2005
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What you get after working all the time and getting paid just enough to survive.

What the farmer gives to his plow horse after working all day. Just enough to survive so he can plow again tomorrow for another oat bag.

"Oat bag! Ive got my Oat bag! Oat bag just for me!"

- Jerry Seinfeld
by Jack Mehoff October 01, 2003
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1. n
Simply, a bag or rag or magazine or anything container outside a bathroom that you shoot your load into when your done jacking off.

2. adj
term used to describe someone who's only worth is being there to absorb your masturbation
1. I'm using this plastic bag as a jack bag

2. "Alright, jack bag, you don't have to yell"
by Jack MeHoff January 14, 2004
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1 a fat rednaeck
2 a nigga hatin fuckfoot
3 has a smurf wannabe lover
4 acts like girls in online rpg named by fruits like strwberry, battleberry,
etc. (anything with berry and asks for items)
5 fat person who never gets full
1 Hey look at that zukster go, omg i am gonna zukster on the zukster.
2 *throws up* man i zukster with food
3 Oh My God look at that zukster its FAT and Ugly And posing as a Girl
by Jack Mehoff November 10, 2004
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sticking your balls in someone's ass
Logan and Doug played an intense game of anal golfing
by Jack Mehoff March 17, 2005
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