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racism on the internet. Most racists are internet racists so that they can talk hardcore trash about your ethnicity all day and remain annonymous, since they clearly lack the balls to say anything to your face in real life. IR's will prowl the internet looking for any reference to your race (articles, pictures, videos, etc.) and talk crap about you, all while hiding behind the safety of their computer screens. Lots of them are at youtube making garbage comments about you. Some are even here at Urban Dictionary. Don't believe me? Look at most of the definitions for 'black people' where most of said definitions are in some way demeaning black people.

The best advice for regular internet-goers: Just ignore internet racism. Ignoring racism makes you strong. Always remember: as a normal person, you're always one step above a racist. Always.
Look up any video on youtube that involves African-Americans, and you're 100% absolutely guranteed to find people posting "I hate niggers" comments. That's internet racism for ya.
by JT the man April 03, 2008

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a statement used when a situation becomes either undeniably irreversible or utterly impossible to explain due to temporary unfavorable circumstances. Often preceded by the "it's not what it looks like" statement. In other words: you're busted and you can't come up with a good excuse without getting beat up or yelled at.
A girl comes to a guy's house for a visit. They enjoy a good conversation. They turn on the tv. The air conditioner doesn't work so they take off a few items of clothing. They have a friendly fight over the remote and start wrestling on the ground. The guy's overzealous girlfriend walks in to see them holding eachother, nearly half naked on the carpet. The guy is shocked and says "Wait, it's not what it looks like...I can explain."
by JT the man January 01, 2008

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Something you'll rarely hear on your radio station. Intellectual rappers are, of course, the smarter rappers, and sadly the less popular ones. Unlike contemporary rappers who spit the same exact stuff over and over in every song in every album (sex, drugs, guns, gangs, etc), intellectual rappers, aka the original MCs, would be saying some deep-minded stuff nearly all the time.

Intellectual rap focuses on two aspects: Concept and Experience. Concept means thought, and many a times these rappers will just rap about whatever's on their mind, making sure that they sustain a smooth flow, and (sometimes) make somewhat of an effort to censor their opinions. The same goes for experience, when they rap about what life has done to them in a detailed and sensible manner.

As mentioned before, intellectual rap isn't as popular as it was when it had its debut at the dawn of the hip hop scene. Nowadays, people rather listen to fake gangsters who try to act like they're hard, when in reality, they speak of false gang memberships (ex Lil Wayne), excessive drug usage (ex Young Jeezy), open-door promiscuous behavior (ex Trina and Yung-Joc), obvious hypocracy (ex Snoop Dogg "wanting less violence" yet constantly still claiming Crip), and other things.
Some examples of intellectual rappers are Mos Def, Talib Kwali, Othello, Lupe Fiasco, and many others.
by JT the man March 17, 2008

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a historical ideal (sparked in the 1700s) held by SOME, not all, Europeans that they had a duty, rather a "burden", put on themselves to take care of all the other "inferior" races of the earth. This was often used as an excuse for racism, genocide, slavery, and imperialism.

Contrary to this idea is the Black man's burden which was to put up with the cruel treatment from the White man. However, seeing how both racial imperialism and slavery are over, neither the White man nor the Black man should be complaining about "burdens".
the white man's burden should be to support all the other races of the earth, and so should be the black man's burden.
by JT the man January 03, 2008

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a person who is extremely ignorant of the hip hop culture, often whining about the tired stereotype of hip hop "being all about money, women, cars and drugs." They are usually metalheads (metal/rock fans) that love to offend hip hop fans due to a harsh intolerance of musical interests. They're always the first and last to strike, often found ranting on popular websites like youtube, leaving insanely ludicrous, sometimes even racist, comments on any hip hop-related video they can find.
hip hop hater comment on youtube: "Man what fuck is this garbage this shit sucks, you should be listening to My Chemical Romance, not this rims shit"

offended hip hop fan: "Screw you, if you weren't so busy headbanging all day, maybe you'd know something about this music. Plus, if you dont like hip hop, why the hell did you click the link?"
by JT the man April 12, 2008

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a word that has caused racial controversey over the last few decades and up to current times. It came from the derogatory term for African Amercans "nigger" yet it has a completely different definition than said term.

The contemporary meaning of nigga has two distinct definitions. One means friend, brother, etc. and is mostly used in greeting, such as "Yo wassup my nigga", in this case the word nigga is used in a friendly way.

On the other hand, nigga can also be an insult. Statements such as "F*ck you bitch ass nigga" and "That nigga stole my iPod" are used when one is angry, frustrated, etc. So it all depends on the mood: good mood and nigga means friend, bad mood and nigga means enemy.

Though nigga is used most commonly by African Americans, people of other races use the term as well, though SOME African Americans, not all, feel uncomfortable with others, Caucasians in particular, saying it. In today's society, a white guy can only say "wassup nigga" to a black guy if and only if the black guy is perfectly cool with it. Otherwise, verbal fights may occur.

Again, this word isn't to be confused with "nigger" which really means african piece of sh*t. There is absolutely no friendliness in that word. The only ones who say nigger these days are either people making fun of the word (ex: guys like Dave Chappelle) or racists who seriously need to get shot.
racist white guy: wassup nigger?
black guy: *beats up white guy*

cool white guy: wassup nigga?
black guy: nuthin my nigga u know me Im just chillin
(assuming both of them are friends)
by JT the man January 02, 2008

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that one person at school who you don't know, but they know pretty much everything about you, including your address, your nicknames, family members, click, musical interests, hobbies, etc etc, simply by giving excessive attention to your Myspace profile. That person most likely wants to talk to you IRL, but can't due to a lack of good social skills, so they stalk your profile in a subliminal effort to get to know you.
to avoid being stalked by a myspace stalker, set your profile to "private" so they have to be on ur friends list before they can view your info.
by JT the man April 12, 2008

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