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Contrary to misconceptions, ameliorate and alleviate do have differences. While ameliorate means to actually improve a situation, alleviate means to relieve the stress of the situation, make it more tolerable.
example: To ameliorate the bitter soup, one might add other ingredients, improving the soup itself. To alleviate the bitter soup, one might distract the self while eating it, talking to friends, holding the nose, eating other foods, making it easier to consume. None of this lessens how bitter the soup actually is. It just alleviates the discomfort of consuming it.
by Ralph777 January 14, 2013
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synonym for alleviate, which asshat frat business and political science majors use to make themselves sound smarter.
I think the World Bank needs to focus on a paradigm shift to ameliorate the effects of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa <looks satisfied with himself>
by derrp November 10, 2007
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Make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better
Nate, you butt-fucking cocksucker, your disgusting visage and puss-like personality is a dreadful combination that no man could ameliorate.
by ParanigerianBeemer August 31, 2012
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To improve your lazy ass! GET UP!
Damn, this person's art skillz is so good I need to ameliorate over his ass.
by JSP July 01, 2003
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