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Pur-Rung-Giss with the emphasis on the second syllable.

Purungus is used to describe a large dog that is overly playful or rambunctious. This therm usually refers to a Pit Bull with a large head. Can be used as Purungus Head or Purungus Chest. Also, Purungafied.
Easily excited, Off-The-Walls, Nuts, Bull-In-A-China-Shop, Hyperactive, Zany
"My dog is such a Purungus! He jumps all over me when I come in the door. He tears up the house everytime I walk out the door. He stand taller than me on his hind legs and eats more than a hoarse. He runs thru the house and leaves huge paw prints everywhere. When ever he get riled up, he barks so loud the windows shake. That dog is totally Purungafied!"
by JGSR July 21, 2006

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When someone does something stupid by themself.
They either choose to, are force to, or symply end up proceeding alone on a mission that shows very little likleyhood of a non-negative outcome.
"I'm not riding along for this death-defying stunt! Better make it a Solo-Act, man!"
"Johnny went on some kind of Solo-Act last night and ended up in jail."
"Fuck it! If nobody wants to roll with me, I'll do a Solo-Act! Then I don't have to split the money!"
by JGSR July 24, 2006

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Chronic Fatigue is an ailment caused by ingesting an excessive amount of Chronic.
Also, the drowsy, dragged down feeling, after having been very high.
See Chronic Bronchitis.
"I don't feel awake in the morning untill I've smoked some chronic. Actually, I don't feel awake afterwards, either. I think I suffer from Chronic Fatigue."
"I'm startin' to come down. If I dont smoke some more my Chronic Fatigue will set in."
by JGSR July 21, 2006

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A Hot car that you don't intend to have for long. A car that was stolen, in order to use it for a crime or other purposes. A getaway car or a joy riding car.
Also, a car that has been borrowed to you for any reason.
"Man, I had to run from the cops in my Loaner last night."
"Hey, you still got that Loaner? I got a Lick I need to use it for tonight."
"Cops are stupid, i've been ridin' this Loaner for 6 months now!"
by JGSR July 17, 2006

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A general name for any man who uses his money to get sex and attention from women. Usually through gifts, cash, expensive dates, favors, rides, etc.
Like a John, except not with prostitutes.
More like a Mitch.

"Yea, T.O.M. over here, gave that stripper his whole paycheck last night! What a dumbass!"

"That girl doesn;t even like you, she's just playin you like T.O.M.!"

" What do you mean you want me to buy you some new clothes? I aint no T.O.M.!"

by JGSR July 27, 2006

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The Casualties of War are the crumbled bits of weed leftover on the tray after one rolls a blunt or joint.
Casualties are traditionally gathered into a small pile and loaded into a bong or bowl.
This term Can also refer to the chunks of weed that fall out of the end of the blunt or joint.
"Damn, that shisty fucker put the Casualties of War back in his bag instead of loadin' 'em up!"
"No way I can fit all this weed into this blunt. There will be mass Casualties of War!"
by JGSR July 21, 2006

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A person who is always looking for a way to get something (usually for free) from other people, instead of getting their own!

Typically a 'Chicken Hawk' will see what others have and try to weasel a way in.

Similar to a hawk that kills the farmers chicken rather than hunting for itself.
Everytime I get my sack out, the Chicken Hawks come and sit by me tryin' to get high for free!

Quit Chicken Hawkin' my plate, go make your own fuckin' food!

Quit lookin' over my shoulder you Chicken Hawk!

My family is full of Chicken Hawks, as soon an they see me with money in my hand, they ask for some of it!
by JGSR November 24, 2007

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