Someone who has either dirty, frizzy,bushy hair or is homeless...a slutty person
Get your nappy ass of my couch!!!
by nap-pee ass October 9, 2003
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a girl with an ass that looks like she is wearing a nappy
by JimmyC October 30, 2003
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Some 1 who thinks they have a nice ass but it looks like somthing that was was hit by a steam roller and hangs over a wall in cork trying to show it off :L
by har,har,har July 1, 2010
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a bitch that don’t shower enough and they got all greasy shit in they hair. or they ugly as fuck and annoying as hell.
this bitch a nappy ass hoe.
by yobithnappy December 15, 2020
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a weave down south.............
Nene took off her tutu and showed me her nappy ass weave. What a slut!
by fred12355575698 March 26, 2007
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A Single/group of African American’s going out after a long day/week of getting money, just wanting to have fun or unwind by having a few drinks and/or whistling at physically fit white women!!!
“Man it’s the weekend I’m bout to hit the bar and do all kinds of nappy head ass nigga shit

“Its fucking nice outside today bro let’s get on some Nappy head ass nigga shit

“Girl come get me this nigga think I’m just fina let him do Nappy head ass nigga shit in peace....WRONG!!! I’m fina pop up like a damn jack in the box”
by Spaz(I) July 14, 2019
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