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blue rizlas
hey man, you got any b-rizzle im gonna make a blockbuster, which is a big spilf
by jc November 10, 2003
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Used chiefly in greeting friends, and usually followed by the words No Joke. Can be used to address or close a sentnece or phrase. The multiple use of the letter A is to elongate the AY sound in the word babe.
Baaaaaaaaaaybe no joke, where is clip? Or you may say, You got no skills Baaaaaaaaaybe.
by JC March 16, 2005
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A boy who is very good looking, funny, and just damn sexy but likes to fuck fat chicks.
thats so daric --meaning. . your hot, but u fuck fat chicks. you suck.
by JC March 16, 2005
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To be VERY drunk
To be VERY high
To perform a Jackass style stunt and get injured.
'Man, I got so broken last night!'
'That just broke me!'
by JC August 30, 2003
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To get screwed over
I really got the Dill today.
You really Dilled me over today.
by JC May 16, 2004
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A great place to find Intercourse.
Dude?! I went to Pennsylvania and found Intercourse on the map . . . then I got wasted in the bar and found it again. Thank God I cut my cock off with a rusty knife after I sobered up enoguh to realize I had just fucked a hill person.
by JC February 17, 2004
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a common slang to describe the pictorial of a man spreading his glory hole, goatse, or www.goatse.cx
"man that guy yammed me"
by JC January 30, 2003
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