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Xtremely Lame Clownz
Those XLC guys really knows how to cheat, they NEVER get revealed for what they do
by JB June 07, 2003

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Sexual penetration with one or more fists. Again, the term JOB implies that at least 2 people are involved (see whack job).
I gave him a fist job for Valentines day
by JB February 27, 2005

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A person for which you have a strong physical and emotional connection. Your soulmate.
John, Dave and Joy were all lovaaaaaas.
by JB April 10, 2003

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shit, poop
Look at that pile of dukey on the ground, dukey-breath.
by JB April 08, 2003

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tell someone to lookout,
The next u see a police,warner brother!
by jb January 30, 2004

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n. Name for an illegal wrestling move (usu. performed by females) in which one who has no means of escaping the hold of another wrestler, so instead places their hand on opponents testicles and crushes them.
"She challenged me to a wrestling match and I almost had her pinned till she pulled the old 5-on-2..."
by JB November 13, 2003

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In Northern Ireland the term wick is used to mean no good. Usually is replaced by other harsher words as a child gets older. Today one might say if something is wick, 'it sucks'.
That movie is completely wick.
by JB June 18, 2006

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