The CORRECT spelling of the word, which is often misspelled as the way it sounds (vittles). Grab a dictionary or go to like merriam webster online if you don't believe me.

1. any kind of edible food
plural-victuals: rations, snacks, provisions, etc.
John: Hey dude wanna go get some vittles?
Joe: Uhm actually thats spelled victuals, and sure.
John: How can you tell . . . we're talking . . .
by MikeTheWise October 18, 2007
Proof that the people who decided how english words are spelled were high and/or drunk.
Ancient scribe #1: Hmm, how should we spell the word that sounds like 'vittles'?
Ancient scribe #2: I think victuals will do nicely. Imma hit that crack again, you want some?
Ancient scribe #1: Yeah, gimme some of that
by theTacoCollector March 12, 2021
Someone or thing that 'Will work for food'.
My cat treats me as the resident victualizer and masseuse though he does like to keep me company.
by Word Squire March 1, 2011