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The smallest of the five branches of the U.S. military. They are under-funded and under-appreciated, but they are vital to national security. They conduct search & rescue, counterterrorism, customs & immigration enforcement, and environmental law compliance tasks.
The U.S. Coast Guard doesn't get the publicity or credit they deserve.
by J-rad March 03, 2007

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A building where you will spend three years of your life reading statutes, court cases, and legal commentary. You also will spend time arguing over politics, drinking beer, and playing poker. For the privilege of doing all this, you will pay a minimum of $30,000 per year (probably more in the Western or Northeastern U.S. states).
Law school typically serves as a training ground for politicians, real estate developers, and professional gamblers.
by J-rad March 02, 2007

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1. In engineering, the margin of error of a particular structure or process.

2. In medicine and pharmacology, the situation in which an individual requires larger and larger doses of a drug in order to get the same physical or mental effects.

3. In sociology and politics, the act of treating others as equals, despite the fact that those others do not share your beliefs or differ in how they live their lives.
1. The engineer had be careful in designing the oil refining process, because he had to work within very tight tolerances.

2. It is possible for a patient to build tolerance to antidepressants, painkillers, and other drugs, requiring a prescription for a larger dose.

3. Tolerance means that I must not resort to violence or slander against a person with whom I disagree. It does not mean that I have to support or agree with your beliefs, regardless of what the radical left has to say about it.
by J-Rad March 02, 2008

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A word used by Teabaggers to describe any government policy which actually helps people in need or contributes to the public good. It is pronounced the same as the word socialism, but is always spelled phonetically and in ALL CAPS.

Note that SOSHULIZUM is not the same thing as socialism or social democracy. It is meant to be representative of the attitudes of conservatives that any government spending which helps lower unemployment or contributes to the rebuilding of the economy is somehow a handout.
SOSHULIZUM includes: food stamps, unemployment insurance, any sort of public healthcare or health insurance, public works projects, and public transportation. Depending on who you talk to, it can also include public education and environmental protection.

SOSHULIZUM does not include: military expenditures (even those which are unnecessary), prisons, the War on Drugs, tax cuts for corporations or wealthy individuals, or bribes paid to foreign officials in the form of "foreign aid".
by J-rad May 08, 2011

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An "upgrade" to a product or service, which, while intended to be an enhancement or improvement, actually renders that product or service less useful or valuable than it previously was.

The word can be used as a noun. Its verb form is "to dehance". Its adjective form is "dehanced" (see below).
The most common example of dehancements are in the software industry. For example, the 2008 edition of Microsoft Word was dehanced. It is more difficult to navigate through screens and commands, and in general much less effective than earlier versions.
by J-rad December 15, 2008

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Slang term for the law school course commonly referred to as Trusts & Estates (or Wills & Trusts in some areas).
Gifts and Stiffs is a useful class, but it isn't much fun, and it can be boring sometimes.
by J-rad January 08, 2007

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the cigarette a person smokes after A) getting high on marijuana or B) after sex
A) Man, that was some quality bud, I'm totally baked. Let's go outside and have an aftersmoke.

B) (after finishing having sex with a hot girl) Baby, hand me that pack of Winstons, I need an aftersmoke. Take one for yourself too, if you like.
by J-rad December 17, 2009

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