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The branch of law which deals with the powers and procedures of government agencies. In the United States and many other countries, this includes rulemaking (the manner in which agencies enact regulations), adjudication (the manner in which agencies resolve disputes over agencies' actions), enforcement of regulatory policy, and many issues related to due process.

Administrative law is closely related to constitutional law in that it often deals with what powers the government has and doesn't have, and in what manner government agencies may carry out the power delegated to them by the legislature.

The regulations crafted by rulemaking processes are often extremely complex, and frequently directly refer to specific scientific, technical, and financial standards (such as parts per million/billion of pollution, safety measures for certain activities, and accounting/financial reporting procedures).
Constitutional law teaches you how government is supposed to work, in theory. Administrative law, on the other hand, teaches you how it actually works, in practice.
by J-rad September 29, 2011

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A late-December holiday, usually celebrated between Dec. 24 and New Year's Day, which consists of heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages, and occasionally also marijuana and other drugs.

Similar to Chanukah, but unlike many other holidays, Boozemas may last for more than one day. In fact, it can go on until A) you have to show up for work sober (for a change) or B) your body begins to reject all the alcohol, resulting in severe illness.
<slurred> Merry Boozemas, everybody...hey, we got any more vodka in here?
by J-rad February 17, 2010

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Slang term for the introductory course in income tax law in most law schools.
Baby tax is actually a pretty interesting course; it sounds like it would be dull but you learn a lot of useful stuff
by J-rad July 11, 2006

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A nasty prank to play on some douchebag who has done something to annoy you.

Simply take a washcloth or dishtowel, and urinate on it profusely. If you don't have enough piss to soak the whole thing yourself, find a like-minded prankster to piss on it too...the more the merrier.

Then, take the piss-soaked cloth and either A) throw it at the intended recipient or B) leave it someplace where he is likely to find it (on his doorknob, in his mailbox, whatever).
Mike was being an asshole all week, so on Friday, I decided to pissrag him. He never saw it coming
by J-rad June 30, 2010

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Income tax is a tax on the income of a person or corporation. In the United States, it is usually collect at both the state and federal level; however, there are a few states which do not currently tax personal income.

The abover definition is completely false, because the federal income tax doesn't discriminate between sources of income from government occupations and private labor. See e.g. 26 U.S.C. ยง 61. Otherwise, how would the federal government be able to fund its operations?
Tax protestors and other fringe lunatic types make all kinds of specious, pseudo-legal arguments to try to avoid paying the income tax. They put their own idiosyncratic spin on the laws to try to defend their actions. The IRS and the federal courts don't appreciate this, and usually fine them out the ass for their frivolous litigation
by J-rad January 06, 2007

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