16 definitions by J-Man

1.When someone someone is so incredibly skanky they are referred to as ~
2.When someone may have a random outburst it may be ~
3.A tea kettle
"It's GOJIRA!"
"I believe you are mistaken, 't is a skankasarous-rex."
"Damn that bitch be a skankasaurous-rex she so slutty!"
by J-man January 11, 2004
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Nickname for my girlfriend, derived from "Bubbles" the Chimp and "Boobs" (Modern English slang for "breasts"); those which belong to her are outstanding.
Boobles, did you stop at the grocery on the way back from the gym, you hot Mama?
by J-Man December 01, 2003
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when there are six chicks and six dudes available at a party and only one of the chicks is fizzine as hell, and you take a shot
Dude, you got as good a chance as any to hit that, best roll your dice; look out for the cock-blockers.
by J-man November 24, 2003
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Being pulled over by the police.
Yo, I was pigged-out off Beach Blvd. They was trappin' bitches all damn night.
by J-man November 24, 2003
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To obtain the intimacy of a member of the opposite sex after minimal effort. past tense - got it
Hey Jimmie....did you get it last night.

Yeah man, I got it!
by J-man August 05, 2003
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a cunt
man lisa had some good tooky
by j-man July 28, 2003
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a bunch of bullshit someone trys to feed you
man thats a bunch of shtick
by j-man August 21, 2003
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