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When a sales guy or repair guy feed you a line of shit when they can not produce the results they boasted about. (ie. Repair guy saying he has knowledge of fixing things but little do you know it's from watching youtube videos!!!)
My iphone just got MENTZERED repair guy said it'd be an easy fix and only cost $40 bucks, now it doesn't even work and out $40 dollars.

My xbox 360 is MENTZERED up now from that place on state street
by J-MAN February 18, 2012
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Synonym for "what can I say?"
wa da ta my damies?
by J-man September 27, 2003
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An artificial testicle designed for your domestic Pet following neutering. The company motto is "Looking and feeling the same."
"I feel so bad about neutering Spot. I think I'll get him a pair of large neuticles."

"Bull-buyers should be very careful when assessing a bull for the presence of neuticles. Cough!"

by J-Man December 12, 2004
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the word bu-a-gongk is short for bust a gank so nobody will know what your saying right in front of them.
bu-a-gongk; means steal that shit dude.

I went to lisa Gerlachs' house and bu- a-gongk on her dope.
by j-man July 28, 2003
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1.An exuberant compliment of a certain item, or person. Used only in extreme cases of joy and or love for this object.
2.A tea kettle
That mofo be da behaihachi-izzlenez son!
by J-man January 11, 2004
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Amount of time it takes to get from one ho's house to the next.
Yo, it was some serious down time from Jenna's crib to Shaniqua's. But it was for real gettin' to Tonisha's cuz I got pigged-out like a villian.
by J-man November 24, 2003
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a lingering asshole
That dude cannot take a hint, he won't go away and every time he opens his mouth he turns into an asshole.
by J-man November 24, 2003
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