10 definitions by J D

Do perform oral sex on a woman who's blobbing
What you muffed her? So you're a bit of a jam eater are you?
by J D May 09, 2003
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a post of a bed
close your legs, i can smell the varnish from your bedpost
by J D October 13, 2003
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When you are being told a down right lie.
That's a right old load of Billy Bollocks!
by J D May 09, 2003
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To be happy with your achievements despite coming second.
Cardiff with full of Saints Fans this weekend (17/5/03). Ok, they lost the cup, but they a party despite the miserable buggers from North London with faces as long as fuck knows what!
by J D May 18, 2003
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verb - the act of a planned and well executed cockblock, made by bursting through an entrance to a room with great enthusiasm, usually a window or door. There are many different variations of the schoosting
while a girl is hooking up with a friend, you burst through the door, jump on the bed and sing the mexican hat dance then quickly exit the room
by J D August 01, 2005
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To be unhappy despite achieving success.
The Arsenal fans in Cardiff this weekend (17/5/03) were miserable as fuck, despite winning the cup. Anyone would've thought they'd lost!
by J D May 18, 2003
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