12 definitions by Iwannariot

When mr grief steals your trumpet
“Dude used to be spanner grief but now the kunt has stolen my trumpet, he’s now known as fucking trumpet grief. Absolute fucking wank stain
by Iwannariot March 14, 2019
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‘I love you
This is true,

But baby,

I know you don't feel as I do’ (as I do)

The one that I let slip away instead of following her to her destination no matter what!! My only regret 😔 (she knows this is dedicated to her........my true Lady Demeter.........never forget you) xx
“Lady Demeter.......she’s a restless soul, trouble boundTim Armstrong wrote!!
by Iwannariot October 23, 2019
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The word mongotoid describes that really stupid dumb fuckwit that just lingers about trying to be part of the Gang and always interrupts the conversations with absolutely dull shit nonsense!!

Everyone will know a mongotoid.

The words fucktoid (a stoopid fuckwit) and mongo (dumb dense thick slow kinda person), sound more meaningful and straight to the point put together to form.........mongotoid!!!! Don’t ya think??

Also a name given to someone who’s complete stupid outbursts actually are really hilarious and well timed.
You absolute fucking stoopid mongotoid!!!! Did you not know that woman you told to ‘go fuck a cabbage’ was my mom???” I yelled whilst secretly sniggering under my breath. 😂😂
by Iwannariot October 23, 2019
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Darling your fanny has just produced one mammoth Kuntbubble, your ace!!!!
by Iwannariot March 8, 2018
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To define the words ‘oily danglers’ you’ll probably have to close your eyes and think of a time when those perfect fantastic foreign women bask topless coating themselves with that oil based suntan lotion making them glisten and look so delightfully succulent you just want to help apply the lotion.

Also any magnificent breasts your fondling, sorry massaging with oils for your sexual gratification............I mean........for the woman’s relaxing massage your treating her to.


Any pair of breasts with any oil based product on are known as ‘oily danglers’.
“What the fuckers is wrong with you dude?” I asked dude as his jaw dropped, his eyes popped out and then drool started dripping.

Composing himself dude answered “look at the oily danglers over there”
“Mmmmmmm.......I like” I mumbled as my mind wondered into some really dirty thoughts.
by Iwannariot October 28, 2020
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Nick-name for a girl who is amazingly perfect, ridiculously beautiful, adventurous, cute, extremely sexy and very very cheeky. Gemz is perfect. She has a smile that would melt the blackest of hearts. She is loyal, loving and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is extremely rare and incredibly precious.

Upset gemz and you will definitely know about it!!
The love I have for gemz shines brighter than a thousand starlit nights.
by Iwannariot April 23, 2019
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A word to describe something or someone that is absolutely terrible or pathetic.

Also describing something someone’s made or created that looks nothing like what it’s supposed to look like.

Also describes something someone’s done that looks like it’s been done by a complete mongotoid.
Laughing uncontrollably for a good half hour before I composed myself and said to my mate “dude, that is absolute horsewank!! It looks fuck all like a shepherd’s pie”
by Iwannariot November 11, 2019
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