What someone really wants to say in response to some annoyance.
He keeps asking me the same question, when I provide the same answer. I don't get it, he should just fuck off!
by GlazeHer July 19, 2017
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This phrase is an exasperated attempt at getting clueless incompetent swines to find out something for themselves instead of pissing off everyone with mindless person-to-person technical queries over IM/IRC.

Usually a last resort used by the first party when the second party's incessant nagging has become tedious and annoying to the point of high blood pressure.
1: hey do u kno how 2 fnd a kewl mp3 converta?
by MrKapper July 11, 2006
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Basically sums up the scene seen in every movie, tv show,comic book, novel etc. Where two characters have obvious chemistry but are skating around the idea of sex.
"We get along pretty well Mark."-Linda

"I agree Linda."- Mark

Stare into each others eyes.

"Just fuck already!!!!!!"-everyone watching
by Hemlock27 February 16, 2017
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It is a list of things you will never do before you die(exactly the opposite of the Bucket list).

Person 1: Are you gonna buy Modern Warfare 3?

Person 2: No man, its on my Just Fuck-It List.
by ItalianCracker October 05, 2011
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To tell someone to stop, with a serious tone.
Shawn: Hey you got rejected

Devin: Just fucking stop you fat piece of shit
by devinhacks November 10, 2017
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