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An option-trap is when a person presented with options feels obliged to pick one of the options, as if they had no choice to ignore all of them. This phenomenon is almost always seen when two options are presented.

A simple example:

"Would you like to go to the movies or to a restaurant?"
This is a simple option-trap which is a question containing two options, and so the person being asked is likely to pick one of the options, where if they had been asked the same question containing only one of the options, they could then answer yes or no, but since two options are given some feel they must choose one or the other.

Another example: Republican or Democrat
A modern example of an option-trap is Republican or Democrat? Millions of people are presented with these two options every day through thousands of channels, such as news broadcasts, internet or in the public. The presenters of the two options "Republican or Democrat", do not give the audience a choice in the general narrative, everyone is either Republican, or they are Democrat. So as people get used to hearing the narrative, they pick one of the options, then defend it while disliking the other.

More option-trap examples:

Labour or Tory(In British Politics)
Conservative or Liberal
Rich or Poor
Peace or War

These option-traps are just some that people are constantly being exposed to, and so somehow they feel obliged to pick one or the other.
A salesman at this store nearly got me into an option-trap by asking me if I wanted the red one or the blue one!

The news in America sometimes catches me out with the Republican or Democrat option-trap!

I was thinking about whether I was conservative or liberal, and then I remembered that "consertive or liberal "is an option-trap so I forgot about it .
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by ItHappenedSlowlyButSurely September 20, 2017

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Something you just sort of do when something completely and absolutely worthless to you is being presented to you. For example, you are going along and are presented by the world with an idiot or moron or loser or some completely benign event or happening that is not worth much to you, then you skipad the situation. The origins of this word are unclear but might be from youtube where a similar feature is available to block the same kind of horrible situations.
I think I am going to skipad this person that is really annoying and rather do something fun. Because whenever I skipad someone who is dimwitted the experience just goes better.

Alice never has anything useful to say, so Bob has started to skipad her.

I am going to skipad the news since it is always information that is not useful.

If everybody would just skipad the elections, then we really would not be in this situation.
by ItHappenedSlowlyButSurely June 14, 2018

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The horror of walking into a shop or supermarket and having to listen to this twaddle against your will without being able to turn it off. Severe cases are when you are in an elevator and the only way out is ten stories down.

The worst case ever was when a man went into a video store, and was acutely looking for some great action movie to watch and the FM Radio channel was raving on about Justin Bieber while the man was busy deciding which movie to watch. The act of simultaneously making a choice and being Justin Bieber-ed at the same time, then caused a long term mental darkness that was only recovered from after looking online, where the man found that the rest of the people on the planet feels exactly the same way he does, and so has realised he is not the only one getting Justin Biebered out there.

There are few things worse than getting Justin Biebered. Perhaps getting Elon Musk-ed, or Steve Jobs-ed is worse, but thats arguable. For example if you walk into a shop and someone is presenter kissing Elon Musks butt over the airwaves, could it possibly be worse than if they were verbally smooching Justin Biebers ass. Who knows, but these dangers of the darkness we live in must be guarded against at all times, which is why I now wear earplugs before entering any public space where they might possibly be playing music of, or talking about Justin Bieber, to ensure that I do not get Justin Biebered again.
Man, I sure hope I don't get Justin Bieber-ed at the shops today, last time it really ruined my day.
by ItHappenedSlowlyButSurely September 03, 2017

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