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Something you just sort of do when something completely and absolutely worthless to you is being presented to you. For example, you are going along and are presented by the world with an idiot or moron or loser or some completely benign event or happening that is not worth much to you, then you skipad the situation. The origins of this word are unclear but might be from youtube where a similar feature is available to block the same kind of horrible situations.
I think I am going to skipad this person that is really annoying and rather do something fun. Because whenever I skipad someone who is dimwitted the experience just goes better.

Alice never has anything useful to say, so Bob has started to skipad her.

I am going to skipad the news since it is always information that is not useful.

If everybody would just skipad the elections, then we really would not be in this situation.
by ItHappenedSlowlyButSurely June 14, 2018
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