7 definitions by IsItVladmir

Patrick: I'm Patrick, My name means Toaster in Celtic
Sage: Pretty sure it doesn't
by IsItVladmir November 25, 2019
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A game bird that's widely hunted in North America and Europe. Infamous for making a "cackling" sound that pisses off everyone after it wakes them up early in the morning.
Jim : A Pheasant woke me up at 6 AM Today
Bill : Want to go hunting then?
by IsItVladmir January 22, 2020
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A stereotypical hobo that travels along the rails, usually in the 1930s. Usually has a harmonica (and a weird hatred for flutes)
Quinn : Who's that on the train?
Ryan : That's Hobojoe. He's trying to reach New York
by IsItVladmir June 17, 2019
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A way of typing LMAO to get past censors
Jake : They censored LMAO
John : Just replace the L with a Capital I to get IMAO
by IsItVladmir October 15, 2020
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Territory of Papua New Guinea. Basically the bastard child of Britain and Germany right above Australia. Filled to the brim with cannibals and mountainous jungles
Don't go to TPNG
by IsItVladmir October 21, 2019
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Samuel: Fortnite died on October 13th, Want to play a better game now?
Mark: Sure. How about Minecraft?
by IsItVladmir October 14, 2019
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When something is so wrong Don't isn't enough. Used because not even Fred Flintstone would do it
Guy 1 : I'm going to go hiking through that minefield
Guy 2 : Yabba Dabba Don't
by IsItVladmir June 17, 2019
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