A term used to describe players who are terrible at the game of golf. Most commonly found at cheap, under kept municipal courses. Character traits are usually (but not limited to) not being able to drive the ball 310 yards, slicing/snap hooking regularly, bragging about almost getting a hole-in-one and not fixing their divots, sneaking drinks on the course, using iron head covers, lying about their handicap and/or wearing unapproved attire(ie, Jeans, cargos, tee shirts, tank tops or jorts). synonyms hack
Mike: "This round will take at least 6 hours stuck behind this group of pheasants? "
Joe: "yeah that douche bag in the jorts just sliced it out of bounds for the second time after taking 2 minutes to line up his shot!"
by Vanderpumped August 15, 2019
an insult that baffles your opponent and other people that wouldn’t appreciate being called that but has no physical sense of the definition
by WishPremium November 4, 2019
(n. -DWMP): A pejorative term of endearment for members of "Dude, Where's My Par?" that describes one as a lower class in a term correlated to avian jargon as is most golf related jargon. See: -birdie -eagle -albatross
You must be new.. Better double check the DWMP page before YOU talk shit.. What a pheasant
by R4WF0D0G23 August 15, 2019
A poor person who can't afford a higher trim level vehicle, or nice upgrades and resorts to cheap aftermarket accessories to try and look like they have a nicer vehicle than they really do.
Look at Bill being a pheasant, he's driving an F150 XLT and put a leather wrap over the steering wheel trying to make it a Lariat.

Guys, I could buy a nicer model truck, but mine is for work. No, you're just a fucking poor pheasant piece of shit.
by Rawzon January 16, 2019
A game bird that's widely hunted in North America and Europe. Infamous for making a "cackling" sound that pisses off everyone after it wakes them up early in the morning.
Jim : A Pheasant woke me up at 6 AM Today
Bill : Want to go hunting then?
by IsItVladmir January 23, 2020
A term of endearment used in DWMP to describe people that don't understand the term Pheasant. If you don't understand the term Pheasant, then you are a Pheasant. If you complain about the term Pheasant, then you are a Pheasant. If you complain about 310 or DG or several other key components of DWMP culture, then you are a Pheasant. If you can't handle being roasted, then you will be a roasted Pheasant. If you still don't understand, then you are still a Pheasant.
Pheasant: "Don't you guys know it's spelled peasant, not pheasant?"
Everyone else: "Shut up you phu**ing pheasant."
by pheasant4life August 14, 2019
A pheasant is an individual who has bad credit and is pretty much a piece of shit. Most pheasants have a distinct look to them, a mixture of a trendy homeless person and the face similar to Rodney Dangerfield's. A disgusting excuse of a human being. Most pheasants drive stick shift Honda Civics and don't shower often. A complete opposite of a shmib.
I just saw this fucking pheasant at Wawa steal a pack of gum.

Get out of here you fucking pheasant, I will not co-sign for your 2011 Mitsubishi Mirage.

Austin is such a fucking pheasant, I didn't even invite him to my BBQ and here is eating all my goddamn hamburgers.
by Sand Fuck June 7, 2017