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A Jamaican insult. Equal to calling someone a motherfucka.
Watch out for who you're steppin' on blood clot!
by Incognito October 01, 2003

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Food. Grub. Chow. Cuisine. Edibles. Nosh. Nourishment.
Got any more of that *DELICIOUS* fodder?
by Incognito December 07, 2003

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A person or event that figuratively "rubs the wrong way."
"He is such a chafe."
"This math exam is such a chafe."
"Dude, you're chafing so hard right now."
by incognito August 09, 2004

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Probably the most admired hacker in the world.
by Incognito December 10, 2002

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1) The act of sploding.
2) Slang for explode or burst.
I'm gonna splode.
by Incognito October 12, 2003

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medical way of saying PITA.
pretty self explanatory.
by incognito February 20, 2005

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The violent noises of digestion attempts right before you piss out your ass.
"Dude, did you hear that groel? I'm going to be a while, don't bother to pause the movie."
by incognito August 12, 2004

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