Edmund: "What's wrong Ulfr?"

Ulfr: "Lancelot beat me up and took my money"

Edmund: "What a knigger."
by Swagmortar February 9, 2021
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Same as the n-word but with a silent “K” so it is not racist
by Poopy poops February 16, 2020
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when you accidently, or purposely, say the word nigger, use use the excuses "No, it's okay I said it with a silent K"
Brandy: Man did you see that guy?
Shawn: Yeah, he was a total knigger
Brandy: Did you just say nigger?
Shawn: No I said knigger with a silent K
by sihtdaer June 4, 2011
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A way to say nigger without the usage seeming racially inclined.
Haha man, you're such a knigger.
by J to the Izzon August 13, 2006
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Non racial meaning of a low life. Bad person. Scum

That knigger beats his wife
by exremely very hungry March 11, 2016
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Alternate spelling for nigger rig. Less recognizable as a racial slur.
I spelled it "knigger rig" instead of "nigger rig" and the niggers didn't beat me to a pulp!
by Justin Neff October 21, 2006
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