"To explode".

I 'splode.
You 'splode.
He/she/it 'splodes
They 'splode.

Noun: 'splosion.
Adjective: 'splodin.
Adverb. 'splodinly.

See also: 'splodite, 'sploder, 'splodinology, 'splodinism, 'splodinity, 'splodinites, The Church of 'splodinity.
"Gary poured too much TNT over his ceareal this morning. You should have seen him 'splode, Eugene. The wallpaper ain't green now..."
by GoughMan July 26, 2009
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1) The act of sploding.
2) Slang for explode or burst.
I'm gonna splode.
by Incognito October 12, 2003
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To spontaneously explode in an adorable way, usually involving stuffed animals, hearts, and lots of sparkling glitter.
I was filled with so much love, I thought I was gonna splode!
by Sesquipedaliman January 26, 2015
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1. A version of the word explode commonly used in chatrooms, most likely derivitive of the phrase "Your head a splode."
by Pineapple May 18, 2005
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A simplification of the word explode.
1) He splode all over her face.
2) The car splode and 50 people died.
by BrokenCouch February 22, 2004
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