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n. A dialect of the English language frequently used on the internet.

The following rules apply when using in Internet English:

-Your: most often used for both the possessive pronoun and the contraction of "you are" while the latter is more prominently used.

-There, Their and They're refer to location, possession, and the contraction of "they are," respectively, however either word can go with either meaning, thus breaking the rules familiar when using proper English.

-Wut: short for "what."

-u: short for "you." "ur" is the possessive pronoun meaning the same as "your."

...and many more rules apply, but I, unfortunately, do not have the time to write down all the rules. If you wish to learn more, find someone who is proficiently fluent in the language to teach you some slang.
The lack of conventions, lack of punctuation, frequent misspellings, and incorrect uses of words' meanings are what characterizes Internet English. This language is used often on social media and text messaging. Websites include YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
by Ilisten2Metal October 27, 2015
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A condition where one has an extreme obsession to be on the internet or be like people who they encounter on the internet. Similar to Text Talk.
1) Joe was diagnosed with internetitis after people recognized his habit of not leaving the computer for three days.

2) Steve was diagnosed with internetitis after people got tired of his internet speech, i.e. tl;dr, lol, ikr, idgaf, etc.
by Ilisten2Metal May 29, 2014
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see also text talk.

A form of speech popularized by teens and young adults who spend too much time on the internet. This is similar to text talk, however shortened phrases and words commonly used on forums, email, and social media are being said out loud in regular speech. Most commonly referred as an online form of speech, where it only happens in text form when on the internet, but that's not always the case.
I spoke in internet speech to my friends, and they could barely understand me.
by Ilisten2Metal May 29, 2014
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A common misspelling of the word Janitor.

A Janitor is someone who is in charge to do all the maintenance in a building of any sort (private, public, etc.).
"Eric, spell 'Janitor'"

"J-A-N-I-T-E-R (janiter)"

"You misspelled it, dumbass. It's J-A-N-I-T-O-R!"

by Ilisten2Metal June 06, 2014
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The thing of the past.

Today, pocket-sized computers that have (mostly) the same functions of a regular-sized desktop or laptop computer can do; i.e. read, write, surfing the web, look at the time and keeping time, listening to music, gaming (not the high-detail games like Skyrim, Call of Duty and such), e-mailing, etc.

The best feature these pocket-sized computers are well known for are the ability to call and text just like a cell phone, except a little more "modern". These are called "Smartphones".
Girl (on her 12th birthday): "YAAY! SOO excited! I got my first phone! I can't wait to show it to my friends at school!"

(The next day at school):

Girl: Hey, do you like my new cell phone? I got it got my birthday, yesterday."

Friend of Girl: "What is that ugly thing?? *scoff* You call that a phone? What is this, the 90's? Get a real phone like mine" *holds up a slim, shiny, new smartphone*

Girl: That's not a phone, that's a pocket sized computer!"

Friend of Girl: "Oh, true, but mine's still better than yours. Mine's the shit, yours is.... shit"
by Ilisten2Metal April 18, 2014
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This is not \m/, this is a hand signal meaning "I Love You". This hand signal is usually used at pop concerts, and less often at rock concerts, but never at metal concerts.
"WOO!! METALLICA!!" (raises \m/,)

"Dude! Not at Metallica!! What, are you stupid or something?"
by Ilisten2Metal June 10, 2014
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A living hellhole.

The only place in school where the guys hang out if they want to keep their conversation a secret.

The place where it hasn't been remodelled since the 1980s, only he plumbing has been updated so it can be up to code.

The place where it smells worse than an outhouse 24/7. Keep trying janitor, it's never going to smell nice in there.

The place where most of the toilet are broken. The ones that aren't broken, however, usually is filled with crap, rendering it useless until flush.

The place where a stagnat puddle of piss can br found anywhere on the floor

The place where the sinks have hair in it, because the school's bathrooms are known to be the cheapest salons

The place where grafitti is common in the stalls, where the staff can't find it because he/she is too distracted from the crap smeared all over the walls on one section.

The place where there are coins, paperclips, hair, beads, etc. inside the urinals.

The place where there are usually out of paper towels, and toilet paper.

Last but not least, the last place on earth that you want to be in.
by Ilisten2Metal May 01, 2014
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