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Noun :

1. A generic or knock-off Squatty Potty ; Usually in the form of a small footstool.

2. A homemade Squatty Potty
$40? Forget that Squatty Potty ! I'm getting me a stooling stool at Walmart!
by Ibuddy66 June 2, 2018
An alternative or homemade Squatty Potty, usually in the form of a small step stool, that is used to aid in producing a bowel movement.
Why would I spend $12 on that thing when I could get this stooling stool for $4?

Until I got this stooling stool I was constipated as a mother fuc*er!
by Ibuddy66 June 9, 2018
Everything was fine until I went downtown and got a face full of curtain pudding!
by Ibuddy66 June 9, 2018
The action of urinating into another humans anus while they clench it closed to hold the urine in. The party holding the urine then proceeds to crawl on all fours releasing the urine in squirting streams at any nearby person or persons , particularly aiming directly for the leg, back, or head.
1. Kathleen and James are going going skunking at the white house this evening.
2. James Is skunking Sarah!!!
by Ibuddy66 April 11, 2015
A gay queen putting together Ikea furniture.


An elderly gay putting together Ikea furniture.
James is such an Amish Lesbian!


Lets get our Amish Lesbian on, and put this bed together!
by Ibuddy66 May 7, 2016
A vast wasteland of desolation and despair similar to K Mart or Sears.
Wow, this city is so Upstate NY.

Their house is such an Upstate NY.


He's not only a party pooper, he's straight Upstate NY!
by Ibuddy66 June 18, 2016