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(1) The one who's always giving Strong Bad a hand.

(2) The one who's always messing up Homestar's plans.

(3) The one who's gonna start a rock'n'roll band.

(4) The one who's making out with Marzipan.

(5) The man that looks like The Cheat.

(6) The one with yellow feet.

(7) The dude that moves to the beat.

(8) Not the guy from 21 Jump St.
by Ian Maxwell March 09, 2003

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"Porno Without Plot", or, alternately, "Plot? What Plot?" Refers to a fanfic in which nothing of import occurs except sexual activity between the characters.
This site will accept all non-PWP submissions.
by Ian Maxwell March 09, 2003

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A programmer who isn't actually involved in any aspect of conceptual or design work, but simply writes code to specifications given.
Nah, I'm not really a web *designer*, just a code monkey.
by Ian Maxwell July 04, 2004

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An account made on an internet message board, by a person who already has an account, for the purpose of posting more-or-less anonymously.
by Ian Maxwell March 14, 2003

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To love.

Origin: Use of a stylized heart symbol in place of the word "love" in writing.
"omg! i heart that show!"
by Ian Maxwell November 03, 2002

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(applied to videogames) As difficult as a typical game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (i.e., ridiculously difficult).
No, seriously, I mean the minigames are hard. Like, Nintendo hard.
by Ian Maxwell March 09, 2003

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for no particular or important reason.
I have no practical use for the Finnish language, but I'm studying it for the hell of it.
by Ian Maxwell December 13, 2002

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