10 definitions by Ian C.

A usually badass person that has special permissions from the government to harvest geoducks. They live fast-lives with even faster women. They make about $5000.00 per day and geoducker poachers make up to $2 million every 2.5 years.
Hey guys, I'm a geoducker. Do you like wrestling?
by Ian C. September 11, 2005
When you fart on a pillow and put it over someone's face so they have to breathe it in.
WTF! Why did you fluff n stuff me? I can't breathe very good now...and I feel light headed.
by Ian C. September 14, 2005
A wicked silent fart that comes out so hot that it singes the butt hair. It smells and tastes like burnt bacon and usually emits a smokey cloud. Easily clears a room and ruins any fun other people are having, but enhances your own fun.
DUDE!...Ahhhhh...that bacon bomb tastes like bacon!
by Ian C. September 14, 2005
A large clam-like shellfish that is pretty much illegal to harvest unless you are granted special permissions from the government. The hard-working folks that harvest these fine creatures and called "Geoduckers". They live hard and fast lives in the geoducking culture. Every day they make around $5000.00 holding their breath and diving to the bottom of the sea to grab the geoducks. Geoduck poachers can make up to $2 million every 2.5 years.
I'm a geoducker and I make over $5000.00 per day...Hey guys, come back. Was it something I said?
by Ian C. September 11, 2005
A ripoff of baseball played by a few dudes and a few babes with a tennis ball and a Vortex Mike Piazza plastic, foam cushioned baseball bat. The game is played on a public little league field, therefore creating the neccessary need to hide your beer in a paper bag. Your team gets a point when a ball drops in the outfield without being caught. There are fielders from both teams in the outfield. If your teammate catches the ball, your team gets 2 points. If the opposing catches the ball you lose a point and get an out. You can play with 5 or 10 outs. Depends on how lazy you are. If the pitcher catches an infield fly ball, the scores reverse.
We played Funball until Jarod took a comebacker in the nuts.
by Ian C. September 12, 2005
A northeastern NJ city that neighbors Manhattan, NY. Most of Jersey City smells like a bacon bomb, but it is cheaper than NYC and way more badass.
by Ian C. September 15, 2005
Hey Wilbur, there was a whole pack of wild meese...over yonder.
by Ian C. September 11, 2005