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1. Someone who attempts to be a smartass but is too dumb to actually succeed.

2. Someone who holds a stupid, illegitimate or completely baseless opinion with a perplexing amount of self-righteousness.
Guy 1: I think it might be time to have that compound fracture looked at by a doctor dude.
Guy 2: Nah the problem would get compounded Lol
Guy 1: WTF? You are such a dumbass.

Guy 3: Hostel is the best movie that was ever made ever!
Guy 4: Oh my god what a dumbass...
by IQuarent April 13, 2015

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1. Similar to "Brother From Another Mother", this describes a female friend that has grown such a strong emotional bond with a different family that she appears to be or could be considered to be part of that family, despite having no blood relation.
2. A step-sister that has resulted from having two different fathers.
Suzy: I love Katie. She's my best friend and I couldn't live without her. My parents love her, too. She's my sister from another mister.
by IQuarent August 06, 2013

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Appt. Is the abbreviation for "appointment".

One of the many shortened words used in text speech.
person 1: hey dud watsup
person 2: notin much I got a denist appt. @ 4.
person 1: dud it's 4:15 rite now
person 2: OH $#!% I 4got abot sprig 4ward! gtg!

Person 1: ha ha ok good luck
by IQuarent March 15, 2011

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Magic: Gathering is a trading card game first put onto stores shelves in 1993. It's foundational mechanics went on to inspire many other games, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh currently being the most famous. It also invented the prospect of tournaments for trading card games, which did not exist at the time.

Magic is a worldwide phenomenon, and has developed it's own list of dozens of slang words. Magic itself is typically known as Magic: The Gathering, MTG, or just Magic for players who play it more exclusively than other games for which the word “magic” could easily be confused.

More players play magic today than ever before, showing a clear upward trend in popularity over the last 10 years. Reports by Hasbro, the parent company of MTG, put the figure at “around 6 million” in 75 countries in 2003, while current(2016) unprofessional estimates are at anywhere from 8-15 million globally.

The game was invented by Richard Garfield with the financial support of WotC, the latter now owning the game in it's entirety and the former currently receiving royalties. Despite his lack of direct control over the game since the late 90s, Richard Garfield still contributes to the game sporadically, and is considered by many to be a pillar of the community and is known by Magic players internationally.

The game is known best for it's simplest mechanics by those who've never played it, these principle mechanics being 5 colors and resource building involving “lands” and “non-lands”.
Magic: The Gathering is a game like any other. The company prints things on cardboard and it turns into money. Might as well cut out the middle man and print money.

Person A: Magic The Gathering Players are fat vrigins.
Person B: Did you know that the player base of Magic: The Gathering in the United States has a 10% lower rate on obesity than the national average? How about we talk about issues that matter instead?
by IQuarent October 24, 2016

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A cheap plastic trophy given to a young child that signifies no achievement whatsoever.
You kicked the ball! Yay! Have a trophy!

You failed to kick the ball and fell on your face! Yay! Have a trophy!

"My kid has stacks of these crappy Pee-wee trophies at home gathering dust..."
by IQuarent April 12, 2014

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A painful stiffening of the muscles of the hand, characteristically caused by excessive amounts of masturbation.

Wanker's Cramp is likely the most pathetic accidental self-inflicted injury of all time, being just slightly above paper cuts from toilet paper, balsa wood splinters, and pressing the button on Bop It too vigorously.
Jim hasn't left the house for almost 5 days. It's only a manner of time before he gets Wanker's Cramp.
by IQuarent July 22, 2014

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Fact Deprivation Disorder(FDD) is disorder commonly found among sheltered first world peoples, typically, but not exclusively, from ages 12-30. The disorder is characterized as having a world view so saturated by safe-space circle jerking, poorly researched statistics, confirmation bias, over-reliance on media, and over-used meaningless rhetoric, that it never occurs to them in the slightest that their entire world view is built upon fallacies and an utter lack of basic facts or truth.

Behaviors caused by FDD are often demonstrated in the form of horrifying lack of understanding any group characterized by hereditary traits that does not match their group, excessive use of the Fundamental Attribution Error, Illusions of Grandeur that cause them to feel that they can speak for entire sections of the populace based on only their own feelings, and an over-abundance of Victim Mentality and/or a Persecution Complex.

FDD is infrequently a precursor to actual mental health illnesses, such as complexes mentioned above, Mass Hysteria, Gender Dysphoria, and even full-blown Schizophrenia such as the famous case of Lena Kochman. However, in the process of deciphering FDD, those with the disorder are so unreasonable and entitled that it is incredibly difficult to distinguish them from mentally ill peoples that desperately need medical treatment or psychological therapy.
Continually using the same statistic over and over again instead of making a point, regardless of whether or not the statistic is accurate, and continually repeating the same rhetoric is a flag that the speaker may be suffering from Fact Deprivation Disorder. Another flag is outright hostility to anyone who enters their safe space while not meeting the standards the FDD suffers set for it.
by IQuarent November 27, 2016

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