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1.) Spoken form of brb
Sorry guys, needa poop, berb!
by j00des February 23, 2005
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verb. Birh-bz

Associated with the technical jargon "BRB" indicating to return within a short period of time.
I feel like having a quick fap berbs
by porkypig123 October 17, 2010
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A skinny person who tries hard to become overwieght.
1. Any man wants a skinny chick, but some are actually berbs.
2. Watch out for a berb, they look harmless, but can devour everything in you fridge.
by BigMacFiend August 04, 2011
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Bomb Em Right Back

Used in English Posters When Reffering To War, In Particular WW2.
Kayleigh: Yo Bro Wata I Rite
Char: Wat U Doin?
C: B E R B !
Mr B: WTF?!?!?
K+C: Bomb Em Rite Bak
Mr B: OW Okay A*
K+C: Dat Shit Was Tight
C:Brappage to the Maxage
by Kayleigh Char Hubwards August 04, 2008
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1. To gorge excessively, most notibely on fatty and/or unhealthy cuisine.

2. To compare obese individuals in units of berbs (150 kg/meter).
1. The girl was berbing when she ate a 20 piece bucket of KFC by herself (sides included).

2. I was watching Biggest Loser and decided to berb the contestants.
by Jongrel September 29, 2009
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Adj: Berbish- Of or relating to the qualities and habits of a morbidly obese person.
I felt berbish after eating the entire chocolate cake myself.
by Jongrel September 29, 2009
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