13 definitions by I want Dom's dick in my mouth

A person who carries themself as the sexiest and flyest usually have big penis's and a swagger
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The best kind of people because they are not ashamed of who they are sexually it's like a certification for having great sex
Dezarae is a certified freak yo I just came in my pants
by I want Dom's dick in my mouth November 10, 2019
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Whenever you see that person or as soon as you run into that person
Bro did you see that girl

Nigga I seen her on sight
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Dominic Is the sexiest and is always fucking face any female he wants because certain ladies always pulls his penis out where ever he's really cool and hilarious and always gets turned on because he likes Looking at and smelling the feet of Sophia and rubbing her feet and sucking and licking her toes it's hard for him to resist her they are so attracted to each other and they have amazing sex with each other he's got a large throbbing cock penis and likes to drink dance go fishing swimming camping and partying he's going to make millions of dollars in the future and will probably still be having sex with Sophia
I was walking down the hallway and it sounded like someone was choking on something so I ran down to the corner and I see Dominic balls deep down some chicks throat dude they didn't even stop once I had seen them I'm not gonna lie I was turned on but I was a little jealous
by I want Dom's dick in my mouth November 11, 2019
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Dezarae is the sexiest and best kisser you can ever meet and she is in love with Dominic and gets turned on for dominic an is always horny for Dominic she is super smart and funny and has an attractive swagger and style And likes the fact that Dominic is short jus like her but with long hair and a big penis that leaves her squirting and anal squirting she can't resist him she's even resorted to stalking dominic she's got that wet wet squirter creamer best sex ever and shes The toughest of fighters perfect body cool to be around loves the outdoors she's really awesome and she will do anything for Dominic anywhere she is very understanding and fun
Where did dezarae go

Probably to go find Dom

Fuck she does anything for him she so sexy she could fart in my mouth

Haha bro what the fuck
by I want Dom's dick in my mouth November 11, 2019
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A competition between females to see who can suck you dry the best it involves one male having a hard cock and as many women who want to compete in the contest
Bro I had a fucking suck off today

Wow what a lucky man
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