13 definitions by I want Dom's dick in my mouth

To dispose of the cum evidence after you nut one out after a handjob or footjob
No wait there's something I need to get rid of
When Dom sucks on your pussy lips so good your body becomes weak and flexible and helpless where he will then suck the soul out of you just to spit it back on your wet lips so he can continue to lick out
Dom you wouldn't even know what to do with it

Girl I will eat your soul and spit it in your mouth
Calvin is an under rated Savage do not sleep on this fellow in battle he has been through enough in his young life he is ready for a zombie apocalypse or any caticlysmic world phenomenon catastrophy or anything and he is very smart and good with conversation and women
Bro Calvin your ready for the world
Whenever you see that person or as soon as you run into that person
Bro did you see that girl

Nigga I seen her on sight
A person who carries themself as the sexiest and flyest usually have big penis's and a swagger