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A generic video camera similar to a GoPro but a lot cheaper. Often a Chinese knock-off purchased from eBay or Amazon
Guy1 "Hey man is that a GoPro ?"

Guy2 "No, it's a FauxPro. The real one was too overpriced . "

Guy1" oh I see. Does it work at least?"

Guy2"yeah it's pretty much the same thing as the real one"

Guy 1 "oh. Cool. I might have to get one then"
by I like cheez-it May 25, 2018
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When a person creates a false profile of a celebrity, in attempt to seem cooler or make those people feel like they are friends with such celebrity.
guy 1: Dude!!! I'm friends with Megan Fox on facebook! She is soo hot and now I can chat her!

guy 2: Dude its probably a faux-pro why would she accept you?
by nashtikidd213 June 25, 2010
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