50 definition by Hunter

The things that hold the air in on tires. Cromies are the ones that are nice or metal.
"yo check out the cromies on that bmw"
by Hunter June 12, 2003

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something that is tight or fun.
Dat pussy was classicly jazzical.
by Hunter May 07, 2005

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A complete and utter fuckwit, which spoils parties.

Thinks that he has an oppinion which is always right.
Likely to be out of fashion by 20 years and buy clothes from thrift shops.
by Hunter November 19, 2003

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Drunken male party trick, in which the player imitates an elephant by pulling out his two trouser pockets - the ears - and exposes his penis - the trunk.
In between the vodkas and the vomiting, Charlie was sure the waitress would enjoy seeing his white-eared elephant.
by hunter June 15, 2006

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Stands for "Sit on the kizcouch (couch)."

Used by losers to label a group of people they are jealous of. Or used by a less popular group of people to attack a more powerful click.
Oh lets go SOTK at whordans. What did you do at his house, did you sotk?
by Hunter January 09, 2005

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Means upsetting or disrupting. Originaly it was a word used only in a close association of friends but found it's way into the language of today.
That sign is making me feel a little mworf.
by Hunter November 12, 2004

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new mixture of two opposites,founded by my girlfriend.
when you are tired but just not tired enough to want to fall asleep,you are hyperly tired.
by Hunter November 02, 2004

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