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Being Hawley'd is super embarrassing and among the worst things that can happen to you. It's when you're caught and fully outed in public for pretending to be tough or strong but in the end you're a wimpy little skeerdy cat just-a runnin'-and-hidin'....and The Whole World Knows. Being Hawley'd is extremely painful. One never lives it down. Ever.
Yeah, he was kind of a loser, but things were still OK with Jimmy until he got Hawley'd. Everyone learned who he really was....and man he never escaped it after that. I don't think he'll have sex ever again.
by HungryJohnny July 22, 2022
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When a mid-grade restaurant or other business gets pounded on social media for pretending it understands privacy rights.
"After stripping 50% of America of their Constitutional right to privacy, Justice I love Beer went to Morton's Steakhouse for dinner. Given what he was wearing, he kind of asked for it, to be honest. He was ushered out the back and Morton's Mistake was to have a little hissy fit about it."
by HungryJohnny July 9, 2022
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A Qtard is a term to describe followers of QAnon and the conspiracy theories that emerged during the short-lived Trump administration.

"Well Jimmy, that guy is a Qtard so you can't believe a word he says"
"Well Jimmy, that guy is a Qtard so you can't believe a word he says"
by HungryJohnny August 9, 2018
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