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A personal that thinks that they are good at something and they are raelly not.
Man you aint no pro you just a damn fessional.
by Hugh January 26, 2004

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1. One who is genderless;
2. One who exhibits attributes pertaining to both or neither sex;
3. One who consciously withholds information which may lead to ascertaining their gender.
I have no fucking idea whether Nonperzon is a bloke or a bird. It won't post its tits, anyway.
by Hugh February 11, 2004

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Snowy white stuff pouring from the vagina.
You have skunk vomit coming out of your vagina.
by Hugh July 20, 2003

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This word is used to acknowledge that someone you are in agreement with a statement or idea. It can also be used as a placeholder.
Man waz up for tonight? We need to run by old girl house to see if we can smash her and her partners.(friend says) AU-READY
by Hugh January 26, 2004

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the feaky building that is gonna be knocked down where that kool soft play is and the crappy candy machines. plus the staff are really mean!
"wayhey this place is so crap"
by hugh January 09, 2004

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Filipino, person from the Philippines.
tell dat 'pino to get offa my car.
by hugh February 16, 2004

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A candle made by our friends at the Housewarmer company. "Our strongest scented candle."
My Island Mango smells like mango.
by Hugh May 06, 2005

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