Canada, Ontario:
Barrie is a rural area, about 90 km North of Toronto. There are many bars, homeless people, old people, miners, great views, quiet spots, white people, and semi-attractive girls.

It has an interesting blend of liveliness, solitude, and community.Barrie would be considered busy to someone from a town, and peaceful to someone from a city.
Toronto Citizen: Barrie? You mean Hicksville?

Keswick Citizen: No, Barrie, the crazy busy place!

Chinese Guy: dey awwwwl wiet, why dey no chinees peepole?

Markham White Guy: Sounds nice.
by cheese132 October 31, 2011
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A city in central Ontario populated mainly by white, christian, married, straight, vanilla folk.
Thats boring like Barrie
by terminalboredom May 24, 2008
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A cheater with a tiny willy. Says Bab alot and is annoying as fuck.
Here comes Barrie with his tiny willy
by SEAMRMAAH0518 May 20, 2020
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A city located about 45 minutes north of Tornto, Ontario. It is located on Kempenfelt Bay and thus plays host to to the Kempenfest Arts and Crafts Festival each year. A wonderful place to live, since it is a close-knit community proud of its history, sports, and culture.

Barrie hosted Live 8 2005 in their Park Place (formerly Molson Park).
We should visit Barrie this weekend; I hear there's a new exhibit at the MacLaren Arts Center located in Barrie's bustling down town area.
by Miss_Virginie_Avegno July 12, 2006
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A boring place in Ontario Canada filled with white,homeless, crackhead looking people. Lots of people here play hockey. The only good thing is the lake. Contrary to popular belief , there are actually black people here slowly coming. If you like a quiet place with nice people then this is the place for you. Houses here are pretty expensive
Person 1:Where u from?
Person 2:Barrie
Person 1:Where is that?
Person 2:a small town not too far from Toronto.
Person 1:wow,sounds white
by KoSwae lee February 3, 2019
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a super amazing person who is amazingly sexy and has a very tall boyfriend who likes to act like a monkey. She is the bestest friend in the world. She also loves red skittles and music. She makes bracelets in her spare time and is rarely seen without her camera.
Dude have you seen that barrie girl? shes pretty awesome.
by xBarrithx April 23, 2009
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Beautiful, quiet, clean city 40 minutes north of downtown. After moving from Toronto to Barrie as a teenage boy, I quickly realized this city is the greatest place. If you like rainy nights, coffee runs to timmies in a snow blizzard and beautiful trails, Barrie is the place for you.

The people are much more down to earth and slow paced here. In Toronto no one cares, or wants to help you - here you get a taste of community. GREAT hockey rink and many casual and fancy cafes and resauraunts downtown. Soon enough the house prices here will sky rocket and match those of neighboring cities.
Toronto guy: Barrie? Why would I ever want to go there? I'd be much happier stuck on the 505 cart making my way to my depressing job. Why would I want to be in a quiet, serene city with cute girls and a clean lake 5 minutes from the house?
by BarrieBoyThatGoesToUofT January 6, 2018
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