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to provide for someone as in pampering them; to submit to your man/girl
Let me cater to you.
by Honey March 15, 2005

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The Royal Air Force. Airforce of the United Kingdom. Best in the world. Let down often by poor British Government and lack of funding. Not as gung-ho as many other larger countries airforces. Get the job done in the best way possible with minimum fuss and jingoism.
"It's great to see your RAF planes flying overhead, gives us a real feeling of safety" - quote from US Serviceman, Afghanistan 2004.
by Honey March 15, 2005

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like nigga but for a white person
honky-a racist name for a white boi
honkette-a racist name for a white gurl
Get outta my way u honky!!!
Get outta my way u honkette!!!
by honey December 25, 2003

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It's more like, ''Home, James!" referring to your *driver* to get a move on. I first heard my mother coin? this expression at the age of 8. I say 'coin' because i donot know from where it wast derived. We didn't have a driver, nor know any fellows named James. It was more like, let's go. I use this expression when I'm in the car, ready to get a move on, speaking to the driver who may or not go by the given name James. Luckily my new driver is actually named James so this isn't a problem.
Home, James! I'm done with this shopping establishment and would like to take a nap.
by Honey March 30, 2005

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Sweet edible substance produced by a bee(honey bee). A term of endearment. A reference to a good looking woman. A girls name. Also spelled; honie, hony, honi, hon.
"Honey, could you take out the trash."
"That's one fine, honey!"
"Your turn, Honey."
"Could you grab the honey from the shelf, please?"
by Honey October 24, 2004

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short for On The Cheek
He gave her a quick kiss OTC
by Honey July 21, 2004

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