11 definitions by Homeless Dave

The drug ecstasy. Used when talking about someone who acts crazy whether or not they're actually on ecstasy.
She was dancing on the table, takin off her clothes, shootin' bamas, kickin hoes in the face and all that. Homegirl was on That E.
by Homeless Dave April 21, 2005
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The patch of fine hair that often accumulates on a man's lower back that hurts when pulled.
I gotta swim with a shirt on to cover my Brinsley patch.

My Brinsley patch is starting to merge with my ass hair.
by Homeless Dave March 23, 2005
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You girlfriend's ugly and that's a fact/if God sent her, then send her back/she got hairy arms, and a hairy ass/hairy upper lip that I call a femmestache/

Rapped in the style of Too $hort.
by Homeless Dave April 21, 2005
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(n) a euphemism for pussy
That's a pink kutakata you got there.

I'm trying to get all in her kutakata.
by Homeless Dave January 27, 2005
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(n) the act of licking an eyeball or having one's eyeball licked for sexual arousal
Damn girl, can I get that lenscrafter?

Yeah, we were hooking up and and I hit her with that good lenscrafter.
by Homeless Dave January 26, 2005
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To continue to procrastinate in after just learning a lesson about the negative effects of it.
Man, I'm so tired because I had to write that 15-page paper all last night. Good thing the next one isn't due until next Thursday. I've got until Wednesday to start. Time to recrastinate.
by Homeless Dave October 25, 2005
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Moving from one bathroom stall to another upon realizing there is no toilet paper after already "starting."
Man I was droppin' my deuce and realized there was no toilet paper so I had to make the jump to the next stall.
by Homeless Dave May 5, 2005
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