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The female equivalent of a blue falcon. Woman who screws over her peers in an effort to achieve her own short sighted goals.
Kim, don't be such a pink falcon!
by Hobo2 March 22, 2007
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The sexual climax achieved by integration of vegetables into masturbation or other consensual sexual activity.
Diane stood in the produce aisle contemplating how her next vegasm would arrive: cucumber, carrot, or eggplant?
by Hobo2 October 25, 2007
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A sympathetic soul for Sanjaya, the American Idol constestant that has a highly improbable chance of winning the competition.
Look, Brittney, I know you like his looks; but the guy doesn't sing well and will never win. Don't be such a sangina.
by Hobo2 April 11, 2007
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The woman bobbing like a circus seal in the center of a ring of hobos in the parking lot behind the Flying J Truck Stop.
Belinda is the kind of slut that would suck off a dirty hobo for his ham sandwich. What a J girl!
by Hobo2 January 01, 2006
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1. A mutual act of tenderness in which one fills a partners rectum with Cheez Whiz for lubrication and then fucks them in the ass. This is followed by the tasty Cheez being sucked or licked off the lucky cock. This is often followed up with a Salisbury Spritz.

2. "Old Salisburian Style" Whiz Dogg is similar except that one uses a pastry bag to increase the volume and depth of Cheez Whiz in the recipient's ass and one finishes with a pearl necklace that is summarily licked clean.
"Hey, John, how was your date?"
"Man! That girl is a freak! Not only does she like it in the ass, she let me give her a Whiz dogg."
by Hobo2 January 03, 2006
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