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A brainfucker of an anime.
26 episodes, produced by Gainax, started airing in 1996, directed by the god-like Hideaki Anno.

See also: Serial Experiments Lain, Brianfucker, and Freuidian.
Hahahaha toast and panties (ep. 26)....
by Hiro Protagonist February 17, 2004
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A person with an American Serviceman, either Civilian or Military, of ANY ethnicity or nationality for a father and an Asian or Pacific islander for a mother; the offspring, child or direct descendant of such a relationship, whether married or unmarried. Also: in very rare occasions the genders of the parents may be reversed, i.e. the product of an American servicewoman and Asian male.

Literally, American + Asian = Amerasian
His father was an African-American soldier and his mother was Korean woman. See the main character of the book SNOW CRASH by Neal Stephenson.
by Hiro Protagonist February 22, 2004
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He likes it when he does it right ther right ther.
by Hiro Protagonist February 17, 2004
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How can SOAD be pop? EMINEM is pop.
How can SOAD be Nu-metal? Linkin Park is (pussy) Nu-Metal
How can SOAD be punk?
SOAD is Pulp Fiction rock.
Pushing little children with their fully automatics -- they like to push the weak around.
by Hiro Protagonist August 17, 2003
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No,no,no. The question is...how can you tell if someone knows what a good show is.

What you were think of is the following:
How can you tell if someone is a stupid fuckfaced shiteating NARC who has nothing better to do than sit around and bash minorities (including Gays)? Ask them if they like bush, or if they're the above person
by Hiro Protagonist August 17, 2003
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The band which possesses the m05t 0wn463. and Zeppelin were Coke heads, not stoners. So, you fucks can go listen to your "gangsta rap" and commit your hate crimes. But, in the end, There would be no Metal, no Hard Rock with out this band.
Again, the right-winged motherfuckers can go gain carneal knowlege of themselves.
by Hiro Protagonist August 17, 2003
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the belief that all of your actions will have equal reprecussions, affecting you.
by Hiro Protagonist August 17, 2003
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