One of the best anime to come out of Japan during the 1990s. It is not for anime fans whose main interests lie with shows with lots of action or romance. This is one of the most thought provoking shows ever, as it explores philosophical ideas such as the nature of reality, perception, solipcism and the idea of God. As usual with these types of shows, prepare for lots of philosophical exploration, psychology and several instances of mind screw. It is one of the more experimental shows to come out as it shows heavy use of surrealism and avant-garde. It also combines those philosophical and experimental ideas with those of cyberpunk. The creator and main writer of the show also went on to write other thought-provoking classics such as Texhnolyze.
Serial Experiments Lain is certainly one of the more brainy and thought-provoking anime to ever come out but prepare to be confused at certain parts of the show due to its mind screwy nature.
by Hellrider285 January 22, 2014
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The Anime of ALL Anime. Former #1 winner of Japan's most Graphical and Best-Loved Animation of the year 1999 'till this very day. The four disc DVD set is a bitch to pay for, but worth the violence. The suicide, sexy mamas, and drugs prove that Serial Experiments Lain is not for the un-tampered minds. No one can prove it otherwise.
Lain Iwakura is the TRUE God of the wired and there and diddly-shit you can do about it. All preps can run home to their fucking Comic Partys and Tokyo Mew Mews.
by Phatal August 03, 2003
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The #1 best anime in existance. Not for the type of anime fan who prefers anime with mechas, "pretty" girls with superpowers and schoolgirl outfits, or space combat.
The only time I ever get to watch Serial Experiments Lain is on TechTV's Anime Unleashed, and TechTV isn't even on basic cable!
by dj gs68 July 18, 2003
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Serial Experiments Lain is an awesome anime series, topped only by the likes of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Spriggan. It follows the tail of Lain Iwakura, a junior high school student who receives an Email from a girl who killed herself... and it only gets weirder.
(me watching Lain with a friend while very stoned after smoking lots of marijuana)
Me: ...
Jamie: ...
Me: I'm Hungry.
by Zerloch July 06, 2004
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