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A person of both American and Asian descent.
Brooke Lee's mother is Korean, but her dad is from California, making her Amerasian.
by CrescentSunGoddess February 24, 2009
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A person with an American Serviceman, either Civilian or Military, of ANY ethnicity or nationality for a father and an Asian or Pacific islander for a mother; the offspring, child or direct descendant of such a relationship, whether married or unmarried. Also: in very rare occasions the genders of the parents may be reversed, i.e. the product of an American servicewoman and Asian male.

Literally, American + Asian = Amerasian
His father was an African-American soldier and his mother was Korean woman. See the main character of the book SNOW CRASH by Neal Stephenson.
by Hiro Protagonist February 22, 2004
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The biggest minority on any college campus. Sometimes they like to invade entire floors of dorm rooms. Hello-Kitty loving creatures. Wealthy American-Asian students that attend colleges in America to make us all feel stupid because they get better grades than us and to make us sad that we aren't driving the newest BMW on the market.
Dude did you see that Amerasian? Was driving a BMW with a Hello-Kitty robe on.
by thatgirl93 October 08, 2013
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A very confused individual. May mistake him or herself for not being of African American decent, even if it is obvious that he/she is. They are very intrigued by tennis and have a strong hatred for Basketball. Very creepy to females and often brings coffee creamer to local hang outs.
"I'm not Black, I'm Amerasian."
by angryblk February 07, 2010
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